“Transformational and Servant Leadership” in the MAN473

Added On: 09 May 2019, 13:05

Last week 4th-year Business Administration, Tourism and Hotel Management, International Relations, and Economics students organized an open “fishbowl discussion session” on “Transformational and Servant Leadership” in the MAN473 Leadership and Motivation course. The Fish Bowl Discussion technique is a method of discussion used to facilitate group discussion, especially when discussing topics within large groups and which allows the entire group to participate.


Prof. Dr. Şerife Eyüpoğlu, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

was invited to the event. Prof. Eyüpoğlu found the event very educational and commented:  “Discussions and presentations are an important part of all students’ development. For instance, presentations and discussions enable students’ to develop their research and practice skills; enables them to manage and organize their time as well as plan their work; and builds their confidence and discipline required for public speaking. All of which are vital skills in today’s ever-changing business world”.


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